We are a group of experienced independent technologists, strategists, and engineers that help build teams, discover and rapidly prototype new products.

I’m Alistair – After 15 years working in agencies and acquiring advanced technical expertise, I became uncomfortable with the way agencies work. It seemed to be all about pitching, sales leads, and commission, and I felt like clients were being exploited due to the gap in their technical knowledge. I knew there was a better way to help ambitious leaders use technology to reach their goals

Alistair Stead standing in front of a wall of glass with reflections and words on it

Our services fit you

Fractional & Interim CTO
Gain access to expert technical leadership part-time or temporarily without committing to a full-time senior executive hire. Our seasoned CTOs offer guidance, strategy, and leadership to drive your company’s growth and success.
Technical and product team coaching
Elevate your internal technical and product development team through expert coaching. Our experienced consultants embed with your team to provide hands-on guidance tailored to your company’s goals, products, and processes.
Early-stage product bootstrapping
Get your product development team and processes on track for success from the start. Our consultants help you design and orchestrate a team structure and process that supports efficiency, collaboration, and best practices.
Prototyping and experimentation
Accelerate your product development timeline and ensure your team is building the right product. Our design sprint process helps your team ideate, prototype, and test potential product concepts in a rapid, iterative cycle.